1. Swim in the rivers of Ardèche


    Beautiful swimming areas

    Our home is located close to the Ardèche river and the Cirque des Gens where you will find a lot of not guarded bathing areas to dive, swim or to relax. We are also near to the park “Isla Cool Douce” with its two private beaches, its guarded bathing area and its pedalo or paddle rental. You could a lot of others swimming spots in the Chassezac, Beaume, Ibie, Besorgues, Volane or Drobie rivers.

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  2. Canoeing on the Ardèche or Chassezac river


    Some beautiful views

    From some hundred meters of your rental home, “Rivière et canoës” offers you different canoe trips on the Ardèche with departure from Pradons, Balazuc or Vogüe. Other descents of the Gorges of the Ardèche are also available from Vallon Pont d”Arc (14 km from Pradons). Don’t also forget the Gorges of the Chassezac at the Assions (27km from Pradons).

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  3. Climbing the cliffs of Ardèche


    Unforgettable panoramas

    Close to Pradons, the Cirque des Gens offers climbing lovers more than 300 routes from 4 to 8 degree. The well exposed cliffs are pleasant all around the year. A lot of other sites are available within 25 km : Chaulet, Fontgarnide, Chabanne, Audon, Les Barasses, etc.

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  4. Walking or running on the Ardèche trails


    A lot of hiking trails or running paths

    Some itineraries are possible around Pradons to discover our landscapes. Other circuits are also available at the tourist offices. You will find some with to hike with you family or for experienced walkers. For the sporty one, the path of the Gorge of the Ardèche allows to discover the fabulous natural canyon (24km).

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  5. Hiking by bike or mountain bike in southern Ardèche


    A playground for all levels

    The terrain elevation is perfect for different practices of moutain bikes. From the family tour to a sporty tour with your friends, all is possible. The South of Ardèche offers you a large possibility of loops. Visit also our villages with mountain bikes. The “Via Ardèche” drives you from Pradons to Grospierres, from Pradons to Vallon Pont d’Arc or from Pradons to Vogüe.

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  6. Parachute jump in the Ardèche sky


    Sensation, thrill and adrenalin guaranteed

    Do you feel thrill by a free fall at 200 km/h ? The aerodrome of Aubenas is located 9 km from your place of residence (10 minutes drive). Enjoy an unforgettable experience.

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  7. Fishing in Ardèche


    Taking the time to share his passion

    With its 5000 kilometres of rivers, of which 3400 are "Category A", the Ardèche has a wide variety of fishing opportunities in rivers, streams, mountain torrents and the usually calm waters. In the river Ardèche, you could fish chub, carp, perch or pike.

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  8. Flying over the landscape with paraglide


    The full pleasure of free flight to contemplate the Ardèche

    Paragliding is a another way to discover landscapes. A magic moment when you fly over an exceptional nature. It will be a high point of your stay in Ardèche.

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